My journey toward photography began due to my painting.  I took photography courses in college as part of by B.F.A. degree.  After college, I used photography continuously as my “sketchbook”.   I paint primarily from photographs due to the time it takes to complete most of my realistic paintings.

Due to the effort I put into composition and lighting while composing my photographs, I began to see my photography as art which could stand on its own.  Once I came to this realization, I began entering my photography into competitions and I was pleased to see my first entry not only get accepted but also get prime placement in the exhibition.

Through my photography, I attempt to capture images of beauty, both expected and unexpected, typically overlooked due to our fast-paced lives.  I strive to capture the true character of people I shoot in my portrait work.  My portrait work began in college and I would converse with the models to take them to a special memory or mood that would capture the true person.  I continue this approach today.

I hope you enjoy my point of view as represented through my photography.

Please contact me if you want me to capture you.